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Out of curiosity, I wondered if I could create a modern version of the Simon Says game, complete with arcade modes and competitive play. In less than 24 hours I was able to produce a rough prototype of my vision. I plan on adding quite a bit to this game though, such as the aforementioned arcade modes. Overall, the process to get to the current state was fairly straightforward, and I spent most of my time working on making the game scale-able.

As of now you will find the current things in-game:
  • Solo Mode
  • Duel (Two-Player) Mode
  • Help GUI
  • Basic Animation Effects
    • Button Shake Feedback
    • Button Lights
    • Depth
  • Classic-style Simon Says Gameplay

The game will hopefully become a lot more friendly and playable as I work out the details and polish different aspects of the prototype.

Thank you for your interest in Cicero!

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Version 1 Sep 20, 2017

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